Find out how it works. NeuNomad provides you with a smart set of tools to list, promote, search, find, pay for and check into short-term work and meet spaces. Beautiful, simple and easy to use, NeuNomad is the place where people and spaces meet.

How it works for Digital Nomads. Picture of Mobile generation working in Cowork space.For Guests

Digital Nomad | Mobile Worker | Entrepreneur | Start-up | Growing Team. Why pay more for office space when you can rent, short-term? Find Public spaces for free. Rent office desks, Meeting rooms or Shared spaces and save up to 23%. Book event spaces directly. Choose to work or meet by the hour, day, week or month. Want to know how it works?

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For HostsHow it works for Hosts. Picture of Coworkers in a WiFi Cafe.

WiFi Cafe | Cowork Space | Business Centre | Hotel | Shared Space. Do you own, operate or manage any of these spaces? Do you have excess capacity? Could it be used by the mobile workforce on a short term and flexible basis? Want to know how it works?

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How it works for Property Specialists. Picture of a beautiful Boardroom signifying a "Shared Space".For Property Specialists

Shared Desk | Shared Office | Shared Meeting Room | Shared Space. As much as 40% of formal office space is not being used 100% of the time. With NeuNomad, instead of relocating, your clients have the ability to monetize their excess, unused or under-utilized space. Want to know how it works?

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