The need for organizations to adopt an “Advanced CRE and Workplace Strategy” (ACWS) has never been greater.

NeuNomad partnered with BCS Intelligent Workspace to help you navigate the 2030 landscape of AI, AR, Machine learning, WiFi, SaaS, WaaS, Coworking, mobile workplaces, smart technology and the Alpha generation.

With their strategic, innovative and intelligent workplace tools and models BCS works with you and your team to unlock and access your latent CRE, space, place and people strategies.

NeuNomad and BCS reduce your redundancies and increase your efficiencies by up to 40%. We guide you to move your Space utilisation, Space planing and Interior design from responsive to preventative. We negotiate and manage your strategic contracts with suppliers and vendors saving you up to 25%. We work with you to save on direct and indirect lease and facilities costs by up to 15%. We make your workplace more engaging and improve your productivity levels by as much as 60%. We improve employee satisfaction, health and well-being by up to 80%. We assist your HR team to introduce solutions, systems, policies and procedures to attract and retain quality Guests by 85%.

Let BCS manage your CRE and Workplace portfolios and improve your top line profitability – while NeuNomad will be right there to help you generate revenue from your excess, available, spare and unused work and meeting spaces.

BCS’ approach includes:

  1. Engage and build close relationships with executives, internal stakeholders and individual business units to stay up to date with your multi-year place and space requirements and expectations.
  2. Cathedral thinking, scenario planning, modeling, develop and implement 2020/2030, agile, immersive and sustainable CRE and workplace strategies to optimize and build your property portfolio and Short-term work and meeting space brand.
  3. Market research, trends analysis, collaborate with team members, property industry partners, suppliers of goods and services, vendors and product specialists to cascade best practices and continuous learning into the client’s work environments, masterplan, policies and processes and procedures.

Reach out to us straight away and we will hook you up!