Q: What is NeuNomad?
NeuNomad is a marketplace for short term work and meet spaces. NeuNomad gives space owners (Hosts) the ability to list and monetize their unused and available space. We also give Nomads (Guests) the ability to find, pay for and book into spaces that has tables, desks, rooms and venues.

Q: Which spaces can I expect to find on NeuNomad?
NeuNomad  has a curated collection of quality Serviced offices, Virtual offices, Business Centres, Cowork spaces, Hotels, Event spaces, WiFi cafes and Shared spaces that will welcome you, your laptop and/or your meeting. Make sure you spend some time inside NeuNomad to uncover all the hidden gems.

Q: How much does it cost?

  1. Guest (Nomad):
    1. To create a user profile is FREE.
    2. When you make a booking you pay the /hr, /day, /week or /month rate directly to the Host.
  2. Host (Space owner):
    1. ANNUAL FEE – A Complete Listing (with contact details).
    2. FREE – Our Concierge service.
    3. OPTIONAL – In certain regions NeuNomad works with photographers. Find out if we are in your area.
    4. ONCE-OFF – You can purchase a life-time Verified Badge.
    5. MONTHLY – You can Feature your space by Location and Category for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.
    6. PERCENTAGE – NeuNomad does NOT charges a % fee to the Host to facilitate a booking.
  3. Property Broker
    1. NeuNomad charges a % fee from the booking which is shared with you.

Q: Which payment methods do you take?
As we roll out globally we will make local Credit Card payment gateways live. NeuNomad does however come bundled with PayPal – we accept PayPal and Paypal-enabled Credit card payments in 200+ countries for the following currencies:

U.S. Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, Yen, Australian Dollars, Swiss Francs, Norwegian Kroner, Swedish Kroner , Danish Kroner, Polish Zloty, Hungarian Forints, Czech Koruny, Singapore Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, Mexican Pesos, Israeli Shekels, Philippine Pesos

Is PayPal is in your country – check in here. Sign up for a PayPal account – go here. PayPal fees – go here.

Q: What benefit does NeuNomad offer Guests?
Thanks to NeuNomad you don’t have to own or rent an office. You can find, book and pay for short term work or meet spaces online and in real-time. Additionally you can:

  1. Search our growing collection by location, proximity or name.
  2. Use our intelligent filter and search function and browse by distance, category, service or amenity.
  3. Add your Favorite Space, bookmark a space, share a space.
  4. Browse multiple large format images.
  5. Search through available seats, desks, spaces, quantities and capacities.
  6. View business hours, open times, view a map and get directions.
  7. Choose Verified spaces that work with NeuNomad to keep their listings up to date and Bookable.
  8. Add your booking to your Outlook, Google, iCloud calendar.
  9. Share the booking and details of the space with a colleague or client you have invited.
  10. Leave a review on your experience and star-rate a space.
  11. Book into selected space like Hotels or Shared spaces even if you are not a Guest or tenant.

Q: What service does NeuNomad offer Hosts?
By adding your short term work or meet space to NeuNomad’s collection you are discoverable to up to 40% of the global mobile workforce.

  1. Benefit from NeuNomad’s progressive online marketing strategy.
  2. Target the mobile generation and leverage your under-utilized space.
  3. Add your own space and describe what guests can expect.
  4. Make use of NeuNomad’s Concierge Service and make your listing look GREAT.
  5. Choose from One of Five Categories to be discoverable under.
  6. Showcase important details such as Hi-res images,  location and business hours.
  7. Select from a pre-selected list of Services to display your Top25 Services.
  8. Improve your service, see what guests are saying and how you rate.
  9. Make your space Bookable, increase your views and monetize your listing.
  10. Communicate your commitment to service excellence – add a Verified Badge and double your views.
  11. Feature your space by Category and Location, be displayed in the “Hero Bay” in search results.

Q: Can I add my space?
At NeuNomad we account for 3 categories:

  1. We invite you to add your favorite space.
  2. We invite you to add your own Business Centre, Cowork space, Hotel, Venue or WiFi cafe.
  3. We invite you to add your own spare or available meeting room, venue or empty desk.

Q: What are NeuNomad’s minimum requirements to add my space?
NeuNomad  focuses on being a single portal for Serviced offices, Virtual offices, Business Centres, Cowork spaces, Hotels, Event spaces, WiFi cafes and Shared spaces. So:

  1. The space needs to be conducive to productive working or meeting
  2. It must have the appropriate tables, desks, chairs
  3. There must be fast WiFi
  4. A Guest must at least be able to have Coffee, Tea and Water
  5. The space must be able to receive online bookings

Q: Must I make use of the Concierge Service?
Not at all. The Concierge Desk is a Free service for you to make use of only if you want. If you are comfortable shaping and sculpting your own listing then you are welcome to do so. At NeuNomad we create value in multiple ways. If at any point you need our input or just an opinion just drop us a line here and we will help you look as GREAT as possible.

Q: How do you curate a space I added?
Both in the case of a Guest uploading their favorite space or a Host uploading their own space we take the same objective, non prejudice care to curate each property according to the same prerequisites.  To confirm and curate the space we research the company, make contact with the owner, verify the contact details and confirm approval to add the space to our collection.

Q: What is a Verified badge?
When you have successfully completed your listing you can showcase your commitment to excellence to Guests by purchasing a Verified Badge for your listing. By purchasing a Verified Badge you confirm the completeness of your services, accuracy of your map, correctness of your contact details and quality of the photos on your listing. It is important to note that to go ahead and purchase a “Verified Badge” your space must be bookable to Guests through our platform.

Q: Why must I make my space Bookable?
At it’s core NeuNomad is not just a listing service. Your relationship with NeuNomad starts when you list your space,  but it evolves far beyond. To generate revenue from your unused, under-utilize or available space you don’t just want people to know about your space – you also want them to make use of your space. NeuNomad offers an array of trusted and valuable functionality giving both the Host and the Guest the ability to quickly, easily and intuitively use the platform to list, promote, find and book short term work and meet spaces. As more and more people move their lives online they seek out opportunities to find trusted products that they can pay for and make use of with the least amount of taps.

Q: Does NeuNomad have an App?
Not yet. It is however in the works. Once it is done though our industry 1st Algorithm will blow your socks off. In the meantime, our Web-based platform is made up of some seriously progressive technology.

Just download a shortcut to our site on your Smartphone’s Desktop and NeuNomad will behave like an App.

Q: What are your Support-centre hours?
Monday – Friday 06:00 – 18:00 GMT

Q: What if I don’t like using NeuNomad?
Naturally we will miss you. With us there is no contract or long term obligation, so, if you want to stop using our service – either as a Guest or a Host you simply “Stop”. Having said that we live to make our clients happy and help them monetize their unused space. If you had anything less than a great experience with or through us – please contact us and share your experience.

To make your mobile life easier we are constantly busy creating some additional and valuable features.

To be the first to know about what we are up to, stay in touch here.

If you have some development ideas you can get in touch here.