Are you entrepreneurial? Do you want to start your own business? Do you have a degree or diploma in business administration? Are you looking for an exciting, flexible and rewarding career as a Community Manager? Do you believe in the “Sharing Economy” and the future of “Online Marketplaces”. Are you good with people? Is client excellence in your DNA?

At NeuNomad we are accelerating our growth and giving you the opportunity to become a partner in our business. Join us as a “Community Manager” and own an agency in your city. Your responsibilities will be to:

  1. Find and list new spaces – Coffeeshops, Hotels, Cowork spaces, Business centers and Shared spaces.
  2. Build a relationship with the owners, manager and/or operators (Hosts) of these spaces.
  3. Work with the Hosts to grow their profile on NeuNomad and increase their utilization.
  4. Market to the mobile workerforce (Guests) to make use of the platform. Help them register and start using NeuNomad.
  5. Assist with queries on booking their short term work and meet spaces.
  6. Follow up with bookings, reservations, client satisfaction, comments, suggestions and questions.
  7. Setting up and hosting launches and promotional events.

There is no start-up capital or initial investment required. We are however looking for self-starters, marketers and innovators with an Entrepreneurial spirit and a solid network. You will become a partner in our business in your city.

There are 4,416 cities worldwide. In order for you to join us, grow your business and prove yourself we have made 552 positions available. These positions include the 37 Mega-cities worldwide. Successful partners will have the opportunity to own up to 8 cities.

Leverage your network, outgoing personality, business, marketing and client service and organisational skills and build your empire. Contact us below and in as many words as you want “Motivate” why we should consider you and we will send you further details.