Hosts can list their own spaces or Guests can list their favorite spaces
Hosts can make spaces bookable and monetize a listing
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Keep it descriptive as it will appear in search results. (150 characters).
Be as descriptive as possible in 2 paragraphs. (150 words)
Visitors can filter their search by the service they want - make sure you choose it wisely.
Visitors can also filter their search by amenities/services, so make sure you tag all the relevant ones.
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Public/Lobby Lounge: Chair, 2 or 3-Seater Couch or Corner Couch
Private Lounge: 2 or 4 Seater
Private Lounge: 6 or 8 Seater
2 or 3 Seater
4 Seater
6 - 24 Seater Community Table
Hot Desk, Standing Desk, Treadmill Desk
Desk Permanently Assigned To A Guest
Single Person Office
Single Person Executive Office
Multiple Person Office
Interview Room, Deposition Room, 4/6 Seater Meeting Room
8 - 12 Seater Boardroom
14 - 24 Seater Boardroom
If your rooms have multiple set-ups choose the ONE that best describes it