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NeuNomad is an online 'Marketplace' for work or meeting spaces.

We embrace every opportunity we get to talk about our market, our industry, our clients, our customers and our company. We trust that you will get to know us intimately, understand how we improve lives and be so taken with Neunomad that you want to use our platform all the time. We would love for you to be as passionate as we are and share our story.

The big question we are dealing with here is: What is the big idea behind NeuNomad?

Firstly, it is important to mention the ‘Sharing Economy‘ – a newish kind of economy that Futurists say will be the top economy in 20 years. Effectively, the ‘Sharing Economy’ will replace the ownership model (or even rental for that matter) and has been made mainstream by companies like Uber, Blah-Blah Car, Air BnB, Zaarly, WeWork, Task-rabbit, etc. The big idea behind the ‘Sharing Economy’ is: “Why should we own and pay 100% for something that we only use, lets say, 60% of the time?” So, if you own a car and only drive it to work and back it stands “idle” 22 hours a day. Similarly, if you live alone in a 2-bedroom apartment you are only using 50% of the available resources (bedroom space). The sharing economy comes to you in the form of a ‘Marketplace’ giving you the opportunity to leverage your unused, under-utilized, spare or available “assets”.

Secondly, we should spend some time talking about ‘Marketplaces‘. Simply put a ‘Marketplace’ is an online Bazaar. Prominent examples are Amazon, Gumtree, Autotrader, Etsy, Fivver, Freelancer and Thumbtack.  Keep in mind that like in any marketplace you have supply and demand – a buyer and a seller. As you can see by some of these names an ‘online Marketplace’ is not a new thing. It is effectively an online “somewhere” where you can advertise, list, promote or offer your “something”. Now, it has to be said that not all ‘Marketplaces’ fit into the ‘Sharing Economy’, but all ‘Sharing Economies’ are in fact ‘Marketplaces’, does that make sense?  If not, where else would you offer your ‘Sharing Economy’ if not an ‘online Marketplace’?

“So, with what we have explained thus far, we can already position NeuNomad as a ‘Marketplace’ (inside the ‘Sharing Economy’) for work or meeting spaces being promoted online – a sort of Air BnB for workspaces – novel right?”

Now we have to change gears a bit and talk about why we decided to become a ‘Marketplace’ for short term work or meet space and, so, to answer that question we have to unpack and connect 4 seemingly unrelated topics:

  1. Real-estate
  2. Technology
  3. Millenials
  4. Work

The last 10 years have seen both direct and indirect real estate prices skyrocket. Regardless of whether you own or rent (in our case – office space) the cost to own, let, rent, install and operate an office space has become prohibitively expensive to many start-up, small and medium sized businesses. Inside an economy that is in constant flux, the very idea of committing to a 3 or 5 year lease term (even for many bigger businesses) is a bridge too far and they would seriously consider alternatives in order to A) save on upfront and monthly costs and B) give themselves more flexibility in terms of location and term. In an economy that took an about turn in 2008 and seemingly never turned back again, with increasing per staff member costs and an ever-changing political landscape, committing to a 3 (or even 5) year rental agreement does not make business sense anymore – we agree. Even so, the global commercial real estate industry is worth is whopping $50Tril.

So, commercial real-estate is expensive.

An industry that has grown, evolved and matured in leaps and bounds over the last 10 years is technology – and it is showing no signs of slowing down either. The Ipad has only been with us since 2010. Who knew that 77% of Americans and 2,1Bil people worldwide would have access to a super-computer in the palms of their hands at the end of 2016? With the astounding growth seen in mobile computing and the robustness of wireless technology we are able to connect, communicate and collaborate faster and further than ever before, making the power of our decisions unsurpassed.

And, we can work anytime, anywhere, while we are on-the-go, mobile, out the office and sometimes even at 10PM at night in bed.

This, coupled with the fact that the current generation of future business leaders make up the majority of the working class (referred to as Millennials). They don’t know a world without technology which makes for some interesting sci-fi. Jokes aside, the ‘Mobile Millennial’ generation trust the internet more than their peers, make decisions based on e-research, can operate 3 screens at a time and are fully engaged in platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snap-chat and Linked-In as mechanisms to connect and communicate with the world around them.

Then, you have a Millennial generation who make up 60% of the workforce with a mean age of 37.

This new kind of “Digital Nomadic” worker is always on the go, always connected, can work from anywhere, lives life on their terms, cares about the environment and seeks meaning in their every-day lives. As a result, work has become less about where you go and more about what you do. Companies have reduced the amount of space they allocate to their staff. Some more progressive organizations have gone open plan with more hot desks and less dedicated desks and offices. Boardrooms have changed into engagement areas. Thanks to Skype and WhatsApp we just have to be in performance and not necessarily in attendance.

And when what you do becomes more important than where you do it, a lot of changes take place at the same time and that is our Big Bang!

Suddenly you have a generation of users who use technology for – well – everything. You have users who are used to operating in a challenging economy under depressed market conditions. You have users who by-and-large subvert the traditional office model. You have users who, thanks to mobile computing, can work from anywhere. Thanks to SaaS and WaaS you have software solutions that turn “work” on its head. All of this is happening while companies like Air BnB is changing how we look for vacation space, Uber has change how we drive and Amazon has change how we shop.

Enter NeuNomad…changing how the mobile worker looks for, finds and uses workspaces…

A mobile worker can be 18 or 68 and is either someone who has an office and is travelling away from it or someone who does not have an office and works from wherever they are.

Now the mobile worker can look for and find short term work or meet space and not only work or meet where they are, but also save up to 100% on real-estate costs whilst remaining completely flexible, productive and untethered. Using Neunomad.

But, as mentioned, that is just the demand side. There is also the supply side; the folks who own the spaces that Entrepreneurs, self-starters and go-getters consume on an as-and-when basis. On the supply side we have:

  1. Coffee shops
  2. Hotel lobbies
  3. Serviced offices
  4. Cowork spaces

For the longest time Coffee shops and Hotel lobbies have been the go-to alternatives for the mobile worker. What Neunomad aims to achieve is to formalize these and Serviced offices along with Cowork spaces into a category of short term workspaces and make the largest amount of desks, offices and meeting rooms accessible through one platform.

But wait there is more: “What about unused boardrooms, open desks, available tables, couches, team spaces, conference centres, doctors rooms, workshops, benches, warehouses…you get the picture? As a result of the fact that not everyone uses all of their space all of the time companies have spare space.

One person’s spare space can become another one’s meeting room for the day or project office for the week.

Here we are not talking about your local business centre, who is already on our platform and in the business of providing capacity, or a coffee shop with open tables – we are talking about a local business who has a boardroom they use once a week for a team meeting and then it stands empty for the other 39 hours of the week, or the company who has a large sales force who are out of the office 4 days a week and has multiple spare desks that are available 32 hours a week. Imagine how much additional revenue these companies could generate from their unused, under-utilized or spare spaces? Imagine what effect this could have on their bottom line? Imagine how much more productive the world of work can be thanks to the sharing economy.

Players like Neunomad create the opportunity for anywhere to become a work or meet space and for anyone to work from anywhere without walking more than just a street block to find a quality work or meet space – even your dining room – that, is the sharing economy, that, is NeuNomad’s marketplace.

So, with NeuNomad you:

  1. Have access to Coffee shops, Bistros, Cafes, Hotels, Serviced offices, Cowork spaces, Hotels AND Shared spaces. In fact –  any unused, under-utilized or available work or meet space that can be monetized to the benefit of the company and the convenience of the short term Nomadic and or mobile worker.
  2. You can search by chair, stool, couch, table, desk, office, room, team space or event space.
  3. You can search by category, service, amenity, location or popularity.
  4. You can view, review, star rate, contact, share , favorite and get to any space.
  5. *You can check availability, book, reserve, check into and check out of spaces.
  6. If you have a favorite space you can list it, rate it and start the conversation by commenting on it – for free.
  7. If you own, operate or manage a space that could be listed as a “Spare space” you can list it for free (and if a category does not exist we will create it for you).
  8. If you own, manage or operate a space and you want to promote it you can do so – by location, category or service – at a monthly cost.
  9. If you want to integrate your space management system with our platform you can contact us and we can discuss one of our many options. By doing this our clients can view your availability in real-time and make bookings – here we take a % commission.
  10. If you need space from 1hr to 1 month Neunomad is your go-to platform.

*Not all spaces are bookable (such as Coffee shops) and not all spaces have their space management systems integrated with our booking system.

NeuNomad aims to be a single consolidated portal through which you can browse a complete and curated collection of short term work or meet spaces worldwide.

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